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aiCharts for BlackBerry

ArtfulBits aiCharts for BlackBerry is product that visualizing wide range of financial, business, engineering
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30 May 2012

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Business people, managers and engineers who are on the continuous move, desire to view all kinds of charts on their BlackBerry handsets while on the move. Taking this prospect into account, developers can find themselves an apt tool called as aiCharts for BlackBerry which essentially offers a charting engine for all sorts of applications to boost the experience by visualization. This tool is exclusively designed for working with Operating System of BlackBerry plus it is also optimized for proper CPU, memory and battery usage. Developer can find it extremely easy using this software with the samples, tutorials, technical support, etc. that aiCharts for BlackBerry has to offer.

aiCharts for BlackBerry comes with vivid tutorials that facilitate developers to comfortably integrate the charts in least possible time. And if you are a developer who finds it very tedious to work with complex lines of codes then this utility will definitely remove all the hassle as you can in a very few easy steps both customize as well as integrate charts in your own applications. This BlackBerry chart designing tool makes it feasible for any professional to quickly analyze the data from the interpretation of the charts. This utility comes out with many different features like it avails as many as twenty different types of charts; customize each type of charts, multiple series, multiple legends etc. Visual customization, Custom labels format, axis label alignment, easy to understand architecture are some of the other features that it has to offer. aiCharts for BlackBerry facilitates data binding that makes viewing the data effectively as well as efficiently.

aiCharts for BlackBerry supports BlackBerry OS version 4.6, 4.7, 5.0 and higher. Going by all the functions and features that this utility has to offer we rate it with 4.5 on a scale of 5 and believe it will find a good audience amongst the RIM developer community.

Publisher's description

ArtfulBits aiCharts for BlackBerry OS is the professional solution with comprehensive features set. aiCharts is the complete framework that allows developer to enhance applications with slick interactive charts in mere hours (with available technical support, samples and tutorials). aiCharts provides excellent visual experience with flexible customization abilities. It's been designed exclusively for BlackBerry platform and compatible with BlackBerry version 4.5 and higher. Provided online documentation.
aiCharts is product that visualizing wide range of financial, business, engineering, and mathematical charts. Easy to learn API and tutorials allow quick start of the new component using and finishing integration in an hour. And modern visual appearance must be admired by users and customers.
In several simple lines of code developers can achieve integration with charts. In few easy steps they can customize charts according to own application style. Modern visual representation of data gives freedom of creativeness and adds time for other important tasks. Great number of visual effects, transparency and custom drawing are supported.
Data binding make process of data visualization easy and fast, allowing filtering and attaching of several most common data formats, like: XML, arrays and database.
Support of XML templates made process of customization even easier then you can expect. Simple XML file with customizations can be placed in project and loaded when required data visualization. Several simple lines of code will remove all previous customization problems.
Technical support with subscription option guaranties that aiCharts will cover 100% of your use cases, will be fine tuned for your application, and will have all demanded features.
Instead of spending precious time on inventing charting components you can invest into your own application's features list, which gives you more opportunities to succeed.
aiCharts for BlackBerry
aiCharts for BlackBerry
Version 1.1.2
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